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    tongue cleaner

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      A beautiful smile is our best letter of introduction

      Fight bad breath with a simple habit

      Bad breath is neither a disease nor a pathology, it is simply a symptom with a solution

      45% of cases with bad breath are due to coated tongue, coating is the accumulation of dirt on the tongue

      If we clean the tongue we will eliminate by 45% the probability of having bad breath

      The accumulation of this dirt on the tongue causes bad breath since the back of the tongue is one of the areas where the anaerobic ecosystems of bacteria grow and these, by metabolizing food remains, produce bad breath.

      When do you have to clean the tongue?

      During the morning is the best time to clean the tongue. During the night we do not eat, we do not speak, we do not swallow or salivate, and by not salivating saliva, which is the natural cleaning fluid for the mouth, saliva secretion is reduced and, as there is less saliva, bacteria grow in greater abundance on the surface of the mouth. language.

      We can clean the tongue before or after brushing our teeth but always after getting up

      Always have this complement next to your toothbrush to have a complete oral cleaning

      method of employment

      The tongue is a muscle, get your tongue out as far as you can from the tongue and go over its entire surface with the tongue cleaner that has a small bump to better fit the central depression of the tongue, we must make two or three passes and finally washes off with water

      With this small gesture we eliminate a very high percentage of bad breath and increase the health and hygiene of our mouth.