Who is behind Higienefacial.shop?


We are the team that makes up Higienefacial.shop, we are a group of boys and girls who have gone through the problems that acne brings with it.

After having tried many remedies and techniques, we want to convey to our public the best methods to combat this skin disease.

We are a very united team that works daily to make this brand more complete, we want to help our followers to overcome this stage of life, leaving aside what does not let us be happy and worrying only about what really matters.

We don't want perfection, just always get the best out of yourself.

We seek to create a catalog of effective products and tips against any facial impurity that reduce symptoms and really help alleviate the negative effects of acne.

The products we select as well as our recommendations are convenient and useful as long as they are applied as indicated.

Say goodbye to your complexes and be happy, it's worth it!