Is it possible to perform a thorough facial cleansing at home?

on February 20, 2021

The answer to this question is yes, if we are able to maintain a basic daily cleaning routine there will be no problem.

But now, knowing that if it is possible to do a facial cleansing at home, how should a good facial cleansing be done at home using the greatest number of natural products.

The steps to perform a facial cleansing from home are simple, first of all we must be clear that we cannot avoid the appearance of pimples, blackheads and other acne symptoms in a radical way. Everything we explain in our articles is intended to prevent its proliferation to some extent.

The process that beauty centers follow are generally the same that we ourselves can carry out from our homes.

All people when we see the appearance of any symptom on the skin of the face have the impulse to try to pinch it to eliminate it, this is usually not a good option and we do not recommend it. Clogged pores in the skin are the cause of our discontent, but the truth is that they are nothing more than comedones or dilations of the hair follicle that are created by the accumulation of keratin or sebum. On the outside of the skin it looks dark, this is due to the oxidation that occurs from contact with the air.

What are the steps to follow for a facial cleansing at home?

First of all, we must know what our skin type is, oily skin does not work the same as dry skin. Each type of skin has its advantages and disadvantages, a topic that we will discuss in another article.

Once we are clear about our skin type, we must look for the type of soap that best suits it, in general, neutral soaps are suitable for most skin types. A good soap is one that cleanses the skin but does not leave it excessively dry after use. We recommend the use of neutral bar soaps, the typical white soaps that are given out in hotels are perfect.

All the products that help us maintain the cleaning routine are beneficial but it is not good to abuse them, there is nothing better than a good soap, water and perseverance. Products or masks that we can find on Amazon are not always necessary, sometimes it is much simpler than all of this. Making a sugar mask at home is super easy, cheap and fast, sugar is a natural exfoliant for cleaning the pores since thanks to its texture and its properties it will make it a product of great benefit.

Speaking of exfoliations, is exfoliating the skin good?

Skin exfoliation helps to regenerate skin cells as it removes the accumulation of dead cells by cleaning the pores and impurities, however, exfoliating the skin every day is not recommended as it can become an abrasive action for the skin. Exfoliating the skin daily can leave it unprotected since the dead cells that accumulate on the skin act as a protective barrier.

Visually our skin after exfoliation will be brighter but this does not always go hand in hand with good health for it. The epidermis suffers the consequences since we can noticeably alter the pH of the skin.

The consequences of continued exfoliations can be, for example, the appearance of pimples or the sensation of dryness on the skin.

Lastly, in relation to exfoliations on the face, we must comment that the skin carries out a natural exfoliation process approximately every 28 days, in such a way that the most mature cells are shed, which according to experts would not be need to speed up this process.

In summary, skin exfoliations are good as long as they are not abused, once or twice a week they can be done without any problem, we can help ourselves with processes such as the use of steam to dilate the skin pores and so on. clean pores more easily.

Routine skin cleansing is necessary for everyone, it is true that for adolescents it can become a more recurring and necessary action.

Everything detailed in this post, obviously, is valid for men as well as for women.


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