Limpiador de impurezas facial 2.0 -
Limpiador de impurezas facial 2.0 -

    Facial impurity cleanser 2.0

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      Not only does it do more than its predecessor, but it does it better

      It absorbs impurities from the skin in the most delicate way so as not to cause pain.

      This is possible thanks to the fact that it now uses water in the process, injecting oxygen particles into the skin in the form of micro-bubbles of water, thus facilitating the cleaning of the pores.


      • Fights and treats acne

      • Get rid of blackheads and pimples at home

      • Deep cleaning

      • Prevents the appearance of new shoots

      • New technology

      • refreshing sensation

      • Avoid expensive treatments

      • Treats skin blemishes by reducing hyperpigmentation, darkening of certain parts of the skin due to increased melanin

      Injects oxygen particles into the skin

      oxygen for skin

      closed circuit

      separate compartments

      modes of use


      Comedones, better known as blackheads, pimples or pimples, are obstructions in the skin pores that appear due to sebaceous production, they appear and create obstructions in the drainage of the sebaceous gland.

      Comedones should not be burst or expelled from the skin with the fingers or nails pinching the skin itself , apart from being able to damage the skin leaving marks for life, there is a risk that if there is a subcutaneous infection however small it may be pushed a part of the bacteria towards the depth of the skin, being able to produce abscesses, an infection more unpleasant than a simple black point.Β 

      Our product extracts comedones from the root and effectively, leaving the pores completely free, without marks or infections.

      practical demonstration

      After its application

      The package includes:

      • The beauty instrument itself
      • 6 heads
      • usb charging cable
      • Manual


      • Rechargeable battery
      • Voltage: 3.7V
      • Power: 2W

      Misuse of this product can cause skin injuries, please read the instruction manual before use. If with the recommendations we give you are still not clear about its operation, do not hesitate to contact us.

      βœ… Complete manual in Spanish

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       🎁 Gift🎁

      For the purchase of the Facial Impurity Cleaner 2.0 we are including a set of needles for Acne completely free of charge. With the use of the Impurity Cleaner, the probability of pimples appearing is very low, but, in case any do appear, the The correct way to treat them is with these instruments and never with your own nails.

      See set of needles for Acne

      gift set

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